We are

Committed to a sustainable future

We believe we have a responsibility to act on climate change, as a business as well as individuals.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability means we want to have the smallest environmental footprint possible. In short, we want to be a net positive business.

To achieve that, we actively encourage environmental sustainability throughout the organisation. We are aware that we are not there yet, but we are making huge efforts. Incremental steps are carrying us closer to our ambition.

Man looking out from balcony over city and horizon beyond
Introducing our

Green Team

Our sustainability champions are a team of employees passionate about protecting our environment. They actively drive sustainability initiatives, consult with senior leadership and educate the wider business. 

All employees are welcome to join the CM Green Team and encouraged to have an always-on attitude to help minimise their impact on our planet.

Green Team logo on background of green forest from above

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