We are committed to maximising the positive impact we have on our customers, employees, community and the environment.

Our policies

Benefit all stakeholders, not shareholders

For any private enterprise, it is a major commitment to benefit all stakeholders and not just shareholders. It is particularly rare in the recruitment space.

To show that we are committed to maximising the positive impact we can have for our customers, employees, community and the environment. We have changed our official governance procedures and documents.

We make sure

Everyone has a voice

Considering stakeholders in our decision-making process is key to every decision we make as a business. Through our engagement partners we conduct frequent surveys to hear what our teams think of the business.

We then hold feedback sessions before making appropriate changes accordingly. Many of the best and most innovative things we do as a company have come from ideas from our teams. 

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Our stakeholders

We want to benefit all our stakeholders, not shareholders. Click to below to view the intiatives we have introduced dedicated to delivering this.


We want to give our customers the best possible experience, providing expert consultation and a suite of services that span the entirety of the talent lifespan. 

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Our people offering is designed to support the financial, mental and physical wellbeing of all employees. It is one of the reasons we have officially placed in the Best Companies listing for four consecutive years.

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LTSB Apprentices


We have partnered with LTSB, offering support through a combination of fundraising and volunteering. This helps the organisation provide its mentorship programmes for provide young people in need.

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We recognise the impact of our operational activity on the environment and see active environmental stewardship as a requirement to maintain the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the people, businesses and communities we serve.

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