Getting The Most ROI From Your Social Media Strategy

Yesterday, it was a real honour to be invited to visit LinkedIn’s office in London to speak on a panel for their event: ‘Getting the most ROI from your Social Media Strategy’ which was aimed at businesses who were just getting fully acquainted with the LinkedIn Professional Services platform. The event lasted a full afternoon, and played host to variety of speakers including Ollie Sharpe, Alex Charraudeau and Keelan McGowan all from LinkedIn and Darren Ryemill, Founder & CEO of Opus Professional Services Group. We didn’t have chance to see Darren’s presentation, but have been assured that it was excellent!

The section we were asked to be involved in was a panel discussion, where we had the opportunity to discuss how we’d grown our business by utilising LinkedIn Professional Services, and how it’s helped us adapt to the changes that have taken place in our industry, even since we started up in 2013.

The panel was hosted by Melissa Mckey from LinkedIn, and featured Dan McCarthy (One Search), Mitchell Van Vliet (LinkedIn) and me, representing Charlton Morris. I can (hopefully) speak for everyone when I say that it was a really interesting conversation, and it was great to get some further pointers on how best to optimise our use of LinkedIn from Mitchell.

Also, despite our operating in different markets, and taking different approaches to our businesses, it was interesting to hear that Dan and One Search have had similar experiences to what we’ve been through at Charlton Morris.

It was also great to be able to speak about how we use the platform. We’ve always thought of LinkedIn as integral to our business, and make sure that on day one our newest consultants are familiarising themselves with the whole suite of tools available to them through the Professional Services package.

It was a pleasure to be able to share our journey with the audience, and I’d like to wish the companies that were present yesterday the very best of luck for the rest of 2017 and beyond.

After we left the event to come back to Leeds, a lot of time was spent on the way home discussing the answer to one of the questions Ollie asked in his presentation: if our company was a car, what would we be?

It’s been playing on our minds ever since, and is a lot tougher to answer than it sounds – if anyone else can help, then please let us know!

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