Here’s 5 Tips on How You Can Join us in Being Socially Engaged on LinkedIn

Charlton Morris are thrilled to have been included in LinkedIn’s Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies for the second year in a row, placing at number 2 in this year’s list.

What makes this even more special for us is that we’ve also taken a step up in category – last time we came 5th in the list of ‘boutique’ businesses, but as we’ve now passed the 50 employee mark, we’ve stepped up into the ‘Medium’ category (for businesses with up to 499 employees) and made the Top 25 again. This achievement is testament to the efforts of everyone in the business, who see LinkedIn as such an essential tool in their everyday work.

The list is compiled by assessing the more than 75,000 staffing agencies on the platform, and our inclusion means that we’re recognised as being extremely engaged with our 53,000 + strong audience.

So, we thought that, as well as celebrating our success, we’d put together some tips to help you engage with your audience on LinkedIn, whether you’re a staffing agency or not.

1. Provide Something of Value

Average users on LinkedIn aren’t spending that much time on the platform on a daily basis – if they’re on daily at all. Therefore, it’s important that you and your company are maximising the time that you do get in front of your audience, by giving them something of value – rather than constantly asking for applicants/ views/ sales. Play it cool!

Whether original or curated content, or even just your own insight into your industry, being generous is what keeps an engaged audience coming back to you and your business.

2. Involve Everyone in the Business

We’ve found that it’s essential to get everyone in the business involved and invested in LinkedIn as much as possible. Having this buy-in means that we’re represented equally well in all of our markets, and means that the Charlton Morris brand becomes synonymous with being a voice of authority.

3. Remember, LinkedIn is a social network

Social means people, and people mean conversations. Whether you’re a staffing firm, car salesman or pharmaceutical business, to gain real engagement, you have to actually engage with your audience (genius, we know).

Again, not just to sell – use LinkedIn as a way to communicate regularly with your wider business network. Respond to any comments you receive, ask questions and have conversations with those you know (even if you work with them in the same office).

4. Be an individual (not a weird business robot)

Having your own voice is key – don’t just tow the company line in all of your communications. AS mentioned earlier, people like people, so talk about the things that matter to you and be an individual - obviously whilst keeping it professional (in case you haven’t heard, LinkedIn isn’t Facebook…)

5. Build meaningful relationships, not just big numbers

On an individual level, there’s a lot of kudos attached to the 500+ connections next to your name, but it’s vital that you’re not just building a large audience numbers-wise, which is actually relatively easy to do if you invest the time into it. You must take the time to actually connect with people and invest time into building relationships.

There is an obvious intrinsic value to this, because you’ll be making new connections, but aside from that, a large network doesn’t necessarily mean a large audience for your posts. This is because LinkedIn has introduced similar technology to Facebook’s EdgeRank which means that, if your posts aren’t relevant to your audience, they’re quickly going to disappear from feeds – despite how many connections you have.

Those are 5 rules that we follow at Charlton Morris, and our inclusion in this presitigious list again means that we couldn’t be happier with the results. We’d like to thank all of our 53,000 followers for staying engaged with us, and we’re really excited to try and keep improving our position for 2018.

If you’d like to help us do that, then obviously we’d be delighted. You can follow Charlton Morris on LinkedIn page by clicking here.

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