Just Because You Don’t Sell, It Doesn’t Mean You Can’t be Sold

Without an eye-catching list of sales achievements and statistics to reel off it can appear difficult to sell yourself as a non-commercial candidate. If you work in a role that focuses on R&D, Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs etc. it can be easy to grow complacent when selling yourself to potential employers.

Whilst I recruit exclusively in the Medical Device Industry, this information applies to a range of Industries. Charlton Morris are able to offer a bespoke and tailored approach when working on behalf of candidates and we have Specialists who focus specifically on the non-commercial side of the Medical Devices, Life Sciences and Energy markets. Here are a few key points worth considering;

Quantify your achievements (it’s not all about sales)

This is something I would encourage all non-commercial candidates to do. If you are able to quantify the contribution you make to a company you will instantly become more appealing than a candidate who doesn’t. This isn’t as straightforward as it is for a commercial candidate but it is equally important. Be creative with this and consider how your actions may have made your company more money or saved them time. 

Examples of quantifying your achievements include:

  • If you have recently obtained CE Marking or worked on a 510(k) - how quick you were able to complete this?
  • If you have developed a key product – how much revenue has the product made the organisation?
  • If you have been responsible for an Audit – how many NCR’s were found?

Embrace what makes you stand out!

Unlike commercial positions, Technical and Clinical roles are often very niche and specific. This is something that should be embraced and used as a USP when searching for new opportunities. Focus on the specific regulation or the specific product area that you are familiar with. This will instantly make you more appealing to a prospective employer.

Ways to go about it

  • Tailor your CV – it is essential that you tailor your CV when sending it to each individual organisation. Making it specific to the organisation will instantly establish a connection with the Client and will reflect a conscientious effort from your side.
  • Think outside the box – have you gained any Industry specific qualifications that will help you stand out from the competition? If so, ensure this is highlighted from the beginning.

Use a Recruiter (it’s our job)

Ever grown frustrated of not hearing back from companies after you have spent hours applying for a specific role through their website? Establishing a relationship with a Recruiter who specialises within your specific Sector can be the most effective way of saving yourself valuable time and opening new career doors.

As market Specialists we are able to utilise our network of clients and ensure that your profile is on the desk of the decision makers at key companies.
Recruiters are able to minimise stress and time of a job hunt and sell your profile on your behalf. Spending 30 minutes discussing your responsibilities and achievements with a Specialist Recruiter can save you a great amount of time in the long run and will allow this Recruiter to invest in you.

If you are considering the next steps in your career and require further advice or guidance, then feel free to e-mail to discuss your situation today, and to follow Charlton Morris on LinkedIn for the latest industry news, vacancies and updates. 

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