The Times They Are a-Changin’

It’s hard to write this without using clichés or indeed song titles – maybe it wouldn’t be, if I was a better writer, however, I’m not, unfortunately.

I’ve always considered Charlton Morris to be an agile, forward-thinking company (there we go already…), but I think we’ve shown it again recently.

In short: we’ve restructured at Director-level.

It’s a change that has been brewing for some time, but recent changes have acted as a catalyst in the process; it’s a change designed to encourage growth – both internally & externally – and help take CM to the ‘next level’. Until now, Charlton Morris has grown with a relatively rigid structure; it’s had an MD with three Divisional Head’s: Head of Industrial, Head of Medical, and Head of Life Sciences. It’s been organised, efficient, and straight-forward.

I’ve held the position of Head LS since 2013. Since then a lot has happened, but in short, we have grown the division from 4 to 18 FTE’s and achieved Top Division 3 out of 4 years. Medical and Industrial Divisions have had similar headcount growth. But what happens next? Do we keep going with this formula? There is a sound argument to do so…

However, we’ve decided to use the position we are currently in, to change things. I will step out of my role as Head of Life Sciences, thus enabling others to step up. I’ll still work with the LS Division, but my focus now will be on the development of Senior Managers across the company and further developing ongoing client relationships – two main responsibilities we have identified as being key to our future success and areas I can add value in.

As of January 3rd, I have moved into a new role within CM – Director of Development.

As a Management Team, we’ve always felt the need to challenge the status quo and provide our employees with a sense of development and future opportunities – something we feel the industry can fail to do. We don’t want our employees to think there is a ceiling at CM, and hence, we develop. This is something we have always done to establish a core of experienced employees whom continue to develop and grow within the organisation.

Restructuring at Charlton Morris has resulted in a leaner Organisation; promoting internal development and pathways for growth. We’re excited about the changes and times ahead, and feel these changing times bring new challenges and new opportunities.

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