The World Cup (of Candidates)

The sales on beer combined with the temptation to justify splashing out on a huge new TV means that the World Cup is almost here. Today it all kicks off as hosts Russia take on Saudi Arabia in the first game of the 2018 tournament.

Obviously when writing on a business platform like LinkedIn, it wouldn’t be appropriate to just write an article about the World Cup.

So instead, it’s the World Cup of Candidates!

Yes, we’ve been running the numbers, making comparisons and finding tenuous links between teams in this year's FIFA World Cup and candidates in an interview process.

Whether you're a hiring manager, recruiter or just a recruiting enthusiast, we hope that our scientifically accurate comparisons can help guide you through your next hiring process.


5/1 to get the job 


This candidate looks to tick every box. They got the last job they applied to (in 2014) and showed nothing but the utmost professionalism in doing so.

They have the experience, talent, skill and nous to get the job done effectively and know how to win under pressure in an interview environment. No-one wants to be in the waiting room with them before the meeting.



6/1 to get the job 

A CV that demonstrates real class, but concern does surround them that they haven’t quite adapted with the times. Add to this the fact that they under performed in their last tournament, sorry interview process, and the concern is that when they’re compared to the stronger candidates with a different approach, they may fall short.

In shocking fashion, they've also just fired their own manager in their current role, which is sure to raise the hiring manager's eyebrows.

That being said, their talent is undeniable and could well carry them through on the biggest stage of all.



6/1 to get the job 

A candidate that has massive potential. It can go fantastically well if it clicks for this candidate (remember the big interview process ’98?), but it all too often doesn’t.

If they can keep their out of office problems just that- out of office- then they could be unbeatable on their day.



16/1 to get the job 

A candidate that is usually prepared extremely well but can be a victim of their own hype. They could be a great prospect for the role but are often a victim of their own inflated expectations. This can then lead to inexplicable mistakes in the interview.

That being said, in this process there is a growing belief that as a young, talented candidate they could go far. Only time will tell.



50/1 to get the job 

Knowing the territory for any role is a huge benefit, and that’s why home advantage can be so important. We saw it with South Korea’s unprecedented run to shortlist stage in 2002 and when England took home the salary in 1966.

That being said, with no stand out accomplishments on the CV and the strength of the other candidates in the field, it would be a major shock should they go all the way.



80/1 to get the job 

A candidate that has been in the wilderness for a while, but has pulled off miracles in the past after other candidates pulled out and they were drafted in at the last minute (Euro Sales Manager ’92). Again though, the feeling is that other candidates in the process will be too much for them.



1000/1 to get the job 

An unknown entity can always provide a shock and, either way, they’re thrilled to be involved in the process.

As a debutant they’ll be hoping to better Croatia’s outstanding performance to shortlist stage in the French position of 1998, but realistically upper management would be incredibly surprised if such an inexperienced candidate was able to secure the role.


My Prediction? 

England will do it, obviously.


Have you got a huge new TV? Is there anyone I’ve missed off that you think should be included in the interview process? Does this premise make sense?

If so, let me know in the comments, along with your predictions about who could secure their dream role in Russia.

Football not your thing? Fear not, we did it for Winter Sports too!

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