Expanding Globally with a 93% Retention Rate

The Story.

In 2018, Badger Meter wasn’t the international business it is today.

Despite its fantastic offering, the water technology company had a limited global footprint and was struggling to attract industry talent outside of the US

So, in 2018, Badger Meter partnered with CM Industrial. Together, we aimed to strategically expand the business in three key territories: South-East Asia, the Middle East & Europe.

To do this, we introduced a new talent strategy to the company and began a project to:

  1. Appoint senior leaders within the targeted regions.
  2. Expand the teams in these regions with commercial and technical expertise.
  3. Collaborate throughout to create marketing content that attracts, engages and helps acquire the very best industry talent.

In the rest of this case study, we’ll show you how we’ve built a true partnership with Badger Meter - placing candidates all around the world and achieving a 93% retention rate with our hires.

Watch and learn about our partnership below.

Our relationship has evolved into a true partnership. We’re no longer working together on solely recruitment. We’re partnering on employer branding projects, marketing content and more to help our business grow globally.

International HR Manager (responsible for all hires outside North America)

A Holistic Talent Strategy

The traditional recruitment process is linear and focuses solely on hiring. For us, this doesn’t represent a true partnership and doesn’t provide the client or candidate with the best possible experience.

So, with Badger Meter we introduced a holistic talent strategy that focused on talent attraction, acquisition and retention.

This means we’ve been able to create a talent solution which improves with every search.

Focus on Talent

1. Talent Attraction

Articles, podcasts & videos to attract, engage and introduce top-tier candidates to Badger Meter.

For top tier candidates to join Badger Meter, they needed to know that this was an exciting, growing company that’s regarded as an industry innovator in the US. So, we created articles, podcasts and videos to deliver that message and engage the very best talent in the market. All for no additional cost. This was shared by our teams of global headhunters to engage the industry’s talent market. It was also shared with our growing LinkedIn audience of 300K followers and hosted on our content-led website searchingindustrial.com.

A dedicated podcast series to supercharge the employer brand.

We collaborated with ATi (subsidiary of Badger Meter), delivering a podcast series that has expanded its brand within the water industry. This project included 5 podcast episodes, for which CM Marketing provided:

  • Podcast Prep
  • A Host
  • CM Industrial’s Water Specialist, Lyle King
  • Recording Equipment
  • Editing & Production
  • Consultation on the Launch

Due to the time and resources dedicated to this project, we received a modest additional fee.

Listen to the podcast here.

2. Talent Acquisition.

ClientHubs generate informed, quality candidates who are empowered to make quick decisions. We created a bespoke website to show-off Badger Meter’s people and culture. This also included facts and stats about the business, as well as testimonials from its leadership team.

This ClientHub proved an effective tool for engaging high-quality candidates who had not previously heard of the business, for example, people from the targeted regions of South-East Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Click here to see our ClientHub

This ClientHub included a Hero Video, which provided candidates behind-the-scenes access to their future colleagues and gave them the opportunity to hear about the Badger Meter mission from the company’s leadership team. 

This was produced by CM Industrial’s award-winning marketing team. Click to watch.

The ClientHub impact with Badger Meter

The Badger Meter ClientHub helped empower the decision-making of final stage candidates, as well as engage earlier stage candidates with the company’s mission. With final stage candidates it was abundantly clear that they were bought into the company, its culture and mission. There’s no doubt that our ClientHub with Badger Meter has contributed to the impressive retention rate of our candidates.

CM Video also streamlined the interview process.

Our video interview and shortlists software helped our consultants streamline and improve the hiring process by engaging with more talent, reducing time to hire and filling more roles

3. Talent Retention.

93% of the 13 hires that we’ve placed with Badger Meter are still with the business. 

The impressive retention rate of our candidates with Badger Meter is a result of the dedication we placed on sourcing candidates who were truly aligned with the culture and mission of the business.

At CM Industrial, we want to learn from every process. So, with Badger Meter, introduced surveys including customised questions for hired candidates. This was then fed back to Badger Meter to keep improving their onboarding process. This is something we can even continue after 3, 6 or 12 months.

The Result: A Global Expansion.

We’ve placed candidates with Badger Meter all around the world. Whatever your market, we have the capabilities to find industry specialists and leaders to support your growth.

93 %
Of our hires with Badger Meter are still at the company. This is an industry leading retention rate.
300000 +
LinkedIn followers, plus thousands of engaged professionals connected with our consultants.