Reducing Costs with a Global Talent Offering

The Challenge.

Koa Health is a Spanish start-up that was on a mission to grow their US commercial team and disrupt the North American market. They first contacted CM Medical after raising €30m in series A funding to accelerate growth, following spin-out from Telefónica.

Already, Koa Health were working with multiple recruitment firms which was both costly and time consuming for their Talent Acquisition team. In addition, these other firms lacked specialist knowledge of the digital health market.

When were first spoke with Koa Health, they were struggling with a lot of candidates (nearly 50%) turning down hiring offers.

That was something we needed to change immediately.

CM Medical were incredible to work with. I felt communications were clear and prompt throughout the entire process. They were my true partner and advocate.

Jill O’Brien Sales Director at Koa Health and a successful CM Medical candidate.

We engaged candidates with Koa Health’s technology and brand through a webinar, featuring CCO Jennifer Gendron.

Audience included: - 65 professionals at VP, Director, C-Suite or Founder Level within the Digital Health market.

Constant communication to ensure an efficient hiring process, with high-quality candidates.

We worked very closely with the Koa Health hiring team throughout the process. We held weekly progress calls to discuss the candidates we had shared and those who had been interviewed. This means that we were always able to work quickly, taking an average of two weeks to take the hiring process from a CV sent to a confirmed hire.

Attracting Talent

We provided an all-in-one talent solution, becoming Koa Health’s exclusive partner. This included providing a global service

Koa Health were spending too much money on their recruitment. This was because they were working with multiple partners, which was not only costly but also time consuming for their internal talent acquisition team to manage. To reduce costs and save time, Koa Health needed to work with one exclusive recruitment partner. However, it was essential that this was a global partner - providing talent in both the US and Spain.

So, CM Medical provided a team of two digital health specialists, dedicated to the European and North American market.

The Results

We provided an all-in-one talent solution, becoming Koa Health’s exclusive partner.

This has helped the business achieve commercial growth within the US hiring:

  • Enterprise Sales Director
  • Regional Sales Director
  • Business Development Rep

We have now also started adding to the European HQ in Spain hiring:

  • Product Manager Specialist

We’ve continued to use our understanding of Koa Health’s culture to deliver experienced candidates who are aligned on cultural fit. By leveraging our 300K+ LinkedIn following and personal networks, we’ve continuously attracted high-quality passive candidates. On average, it has taken 2 weeks to complete hires after sending at the initial candidate CV.

We’ve significantly reduced Koa Health’s recruitment costs, becoming their exclusive partner. We’ve constantly adapted for Koa Health, as their needs change, and kept up with their fast-paced hiring needs