Lead R&D Chemist - Emulsion Polymerization

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Lead R&D Chemist - Emulsion Polymerization

A Global provider of chemical raw materials and additives into multiple industries is looking to hire a key part of their future growth. The Lead R&D Chemist role is a technical position which will place the successful candidate at the heart of the R&D function for multiple product lines. The company are an international leader in several markets including water-based emulsion polymers and functional additives for applications in Construction, Coatings, Adhesives, Automotive, Textiles, Paper and Plastics.

The Lead R&D Chemist will act as the on-site subject matter expert for Acrylic chemistry. This person will be relied upon by multiple members of the lab-based team, acting as the lead for all things related to acrylate-based materials. The company requires a hands-on Senior Chemist who is just as comfortable being directly involved with polymer development tasks as with leadership.

Based at a large facility, the Lead R&D Chemist acts as a senior staff member on site, where there are R&D laboratories, analytical laboratories, pilot plant and production. The company is now looking to bolster their market presence in acrylic products and so is seeking the best expertise the market has to offer on this subject. A PhD in Chemistry or Polymer Science is required, combined with 15+ years’ practical industrial experience in emulsion polymerization and a high-level of knowledge around acrylate polymers.


Why would you want to work here?

The company is a global chemical organisation that will provide a high-quality working environment, the best resources and freedom to work on projects as you see fit. As a highly qualified chemist you will be the first point-of-contact for advice on acrylic polymerisation, both internally, and from a client perspective. You will excel within this organisation if you are open to learning even at an advanced career stage, and keen to relay knowledge gathered over many years to the more junior technical staff members. On paper this business is a multi-billion dollar chemicals manufacturer, however culturally they operate very much as a ‘family’ and a mixture of different cultures work closely together to achieve a common goal. The business takes a very proactive approach to environmental sustainability and are making big strides in the waterborne polymers industry.


The role:

You will lead and mentor a small team of experienced R&D Chemists, and develop their knowledge of and exposure to acrylic polymer synthesis. However the primary function of your role is to carry out the majority of the practical research and development activity on acrylic products and act as the technical lead for the product line. You must work with colleagues in the analytical lab and also the production floor in order to provide the best quality products possible, and overcome any manufacturing issues.

Sustainability is a key component of the company growth plan, so emphasis will be placed on the development of sustainable low-VOC, water-based acrylic polymer emulsions for a variety of end uses. Client contact will be required to ensure products meet customer specification and that the appropriate amendments can be made, and on occasion you will be required to attend industry events to keep in touch with market trends and represent.


How do I apply?

Please do not apply to this position unless you meet the criteria below:

PhD in Chemistry, Polymer Science or a related subject.

  • 15+ Years’ experience in R&D/emulsion polymerization of acrylics.
  • Experience of coatings, adhesives, sealants, paper or construction industry.
  • Fluent English speaker, German or French language skills also helpful.


Just reach out to me via email ( or apply directly through LinkedIn, which will allow me to screen your details. If there is an initial fit then we can find time to have a chat to see if this is the right role for you.

  • INOD1203LRCA018
  • ADDED: 12/03/2019

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