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Are you ready to make real change? Innovating with state-of-the-art technologies in renewables. 

The HyET Group’s vision is to promote and accelerate the adoption of essential decarbonization technologies. The companies under the HyET Group are active across the renewable energy supply chain and develops technologies that will enable large scale implementation of renewable energy production, storage and distribution.  

Right now, HyET Hydrogen and HyET Solar are hiring! 

They need enthusiastic, skilled people like you to join their passionate teams of people. 

Watch the video above to learn about life at HyET Group. Or scroll down to learn more about our two fast growing companies: HyET Hydrogen and HyET Solar. 

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CM Industrial spoke to the HyET team to learn more about their careers at this exciting company. Click to watch below.


HyET Hydrogen.

Headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands, HyET Hydrogen is a leading SME in the field of electrochemical hydrogen compression. 

in 2017, the company introduced the first commercially viable Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor (EHPC), the HCS 100. 

HyET Hydrogen focusses on developing and selling cost-effective solutions for the storage and distribution of hydrogen. It possesses innovative and industry leading technologies for hydrogen compression and extraction based on electrochemical processes. 

Now backed by investors, Fortescue Future Industries and Vopak, the business is continuing to grow rapidly. Click below to learn more about HyET Hydrogen's technology.


HyET Solar.

HyET Solar is also headquartered in Arnhem, the Netherlands. 

The company is know(n?) for its flexible Solar PV solution, which are flexible and light weight thin film silicon based photovoltaic modules.

HyET Solar develops and produces low cost and efficient Solar PV modules (Powerfoil) that are lightweight and flexible. It aims to drastically reduce the cost of solar power. The application possibilities cover a wide span, ranging from low-cost utility scale powerplants to integrated high end architectural solutions.

The HyET Solar modules enable efficient energy production too, even more so than conventional glass solar panels.  

Backed by investors, Fortescue Future Industries, Vopak and Teslin, the business is continuing to grow rapidly. Click below to learn more about HyET Solar.

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