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Contract Recruitment: A New Opportunity

16/07/2019 BY Karandeep Sohel

An integral part of Charlton Morris’ success has been forward-thinking leadership and a desire to constantly evolve.

Having grown our presence in the UK, opened offices in Denmark and the US and put firm plans in place for Australia in 2020, we are now ready for one further development. I am excited to announce our latest project – Contract Recruitment.

We’ve worked in this space before as and when needed, but now with a dedicated division, we’re able to offer a high-quality contract service. We believe this service will be valuable to both new and existing clients, due to an increasing demand for contractors within our core divisions of Life Science, Medical Devices and Industrial.

To support this step, I have transitioned into a new role, Head of Contract Recruitment.

We aim to maintain our strong reputation. So, to ensure the high-quality search solutions I’ve been talking to clients and contractors, discovering their needs when working in partnership with a contract recruiter.

It’s been apparent that a proactive search supported by strong market knowledge is crucial. Often contractors are needed at short notice, so understanding exact requirements is essential to efficiently sourcing the right talent.

Clearly, searches need to be supported by a strong network of contractors. However, having this network is one thing and understanding it is another. Working to the time pressures of contract recruitment means that understanding expertise, day rates and availability is key to delivering a quality service. Taking this into account, we’ve invested a lot of time into building our network and gathering information to further our understanding.

Our research has also demonstrated that finding contractors is only half the battle. Clients and contractors require a swift and efficient administration process. To facilitate this, Charlton Morris have partnered with a reputable international provider who offer a highly efficient back office service to clients regardless of location.

Last but certainly not least, it is important to understand compliance issues and offer support and consultancy when working globally. To that end, we have chosen to partner with a company that have experience providing this advice.

The learnings from our extensive research and preparation will prove invaluable. They will allow us to continuously optimise our contract recruitment service to provide high quality, efficient results for clients and contractors. Now it’s time to get started, I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes both Charlton Morris and me personally.