Perkbox is a global rewards and benefits platform that allows companies to care for, connect with and celebrate their employees, no matter where they are or what they want. Perkbox ensures that companies with a diverse and multi-locational workforce can still have a harmonised EVP and culture, and keep each employee happy, healthy and motivated.


a seamless experience

Reducing cost and admin burden for employers

Perkbox significantly reduces cost and admin burden for employers and provides a seamless experience for users through a global app which can be accessed anywhere, at any time.

Perkbox helps you to:

  • Care for your people, by supporting their physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.
  • Connect with your people, by making them feel appreciated and more aligned to the business.
  • Celebrate your people, by recognising hard work and key milestones.

Key features

  • Bring all of your employee benefits, rewards and people initiatives together in one place
  • Harmonise benefits for complex and global team structures
  • Offer something for everyone with an exclusive range of tailored rewards & benefits
  • Constantly curate credible and relevant content to support your employees’ wellbeing
  • Allow HR teams to save time and resources

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