At CM LIfe Science, we're delighted to be working with one of the most exciting companies in the life science space, RedShiftBio. 

It's no coincidence that they're growing, fast. And we've created this page to show you exactly what they have to offer and why we think they're such an exciting proposition for a candidate like you.


The Mission.

RedShiftBio is a venture-backed innovative biotechnology startup company, developing analytical instrumentation for life science research with a primary focus on the biopharmaceutical industry.

It has strategic backing from two of the world’s largest life science instrumentation companies, including Waters, raising over $50 million in capital up in December 2019.


The Culture.

We spoke to the team at RedShiftBio to find out about life at the company. Watch the video below to learn more about a career with the business.


CM Life Science.

We are a global provider of talent solutions for the life science industry. We are really excited to partner with RedShiftBio for its expansion. If you have any questions about a career with the business, please feel free to contact us.

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