Giving Our Families the Best Possible Experience

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Rebecca Cook

By Rebecca Cook

Our vision at Charlton Morris is to change the way the world sees recruitment by giving our people and our customers the best possible experience.

We recently introduced a new family policy. We've introduced this to make people feel more secure and happy, giving them the flexibility to maintain a work life balance in what can traditionally be seen as a family un-friendly sector to work.

Welcoming a Child

We believe in work life balance and the wellbeing of our people. And want to offer the best benefits we possibly can for our employees so that taking maternity or paternity leave doesn’t cause any stress.

When you are welcoming a child into the world, it is important that you have time to bond with your little bundle of joy. That is why we are currently providing our people with up to six months full pay on maternity leave and up to three weeks paternity leave.

But while pregnancy and childbirth are celebrated and talked about, fertility challenges are usually not as talked about. For numerous couples, this can be an extremely private and at times uncomfortable experience. And one that may not be easy to share even with close friends and family.

We know not everyone goes through the same experience when trying for a family and want to ensure our team feel looked after whatever their experience. That is why we offer time off for appointments and for fertility treatments which can be arranged confidentially.

Pregnancy Loss

Sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. And miscarriages serve as one of the toughest tragedies to go through. We want to do whatever we can to support anyone in the team going through baby loss. For this reason, we wanted to ensure there was mental health support and additional time to take off work with no financial implications.

That is why we are offering two weeks leave for pregnancy loss and extra time off for appointments. To best support our people, we also have an expert counsellor that everyone has access to, should they need it.

We want our people to feel appreciated at the workplace and rest assured that their wellbeing is our priority. That’s why we believe that our updated policies will offer our people the best possible experience here, at Charlton Morris.