16Nov, 2022

Live Webinar: How to Create Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces Where People Thrive


We want to create workplaces where your people and business thrive. Our dedication to this means that we have a duty to not only engage with, but lead the conversation, when it comes to major talent market trends and challenges.


Kris Holland

Guest Speakers

Kesh Ladwa

Rebecca Bridger

Founder & CEO of Hatching Ideas

Sobiya Jawaid

Leadership & DEI Coach, Consultant and Speaker

About this event

In order to provide this service, we have a launched a free webinar series dedicated to creating thriving workplaces. For each episode, we handpick experts from our global network of leaders and provide valuable, actionable insights to help your business thrive.

To kick off this series, we spoke about DEI: diversity, equity and inclusion. For all the best intentions, many businesses still struggle to create a meaningful, impactful DEI strategy that employees feel a part of. 

In our webinar titled “How to Create Diverse & Inclusive Workplaces Where People Thrive” I spoke to Kesh Ladwa, the former Global Head of Talent Acquisition for BBC News; Rebecca Bridger, the CEO of Hatching Ideas and Sobiya Jawaid, a medal-winning European kickboxer and DEI & leadership coach. Together, we provided advice on how to:

  • Create a Meaningful DEI Strategy
  • Implement Inclusive Talent Attraction & Hiring Processes
  • Improve Employee Retention

This 45-minute webinar is packed with insightful takeaways, valuable anecdotes and gives you a fresh perspective on your DEI strategy.

To view the webinar in full and see all the major takeaways, click here.

If you have any feedback or would like further advice to support your talent strategy, please email cmconversations@charltonmorris.com.